Pulse analysis technology

LifeTracker — Shazam进行健康评估。它可以发现不同疾病的模式,并可以预测未来的健康状况。我们的研究团队花了30年的时间开发这项技术。该方法已通过科学研究和专利证明。与其他非侵入性诊断方法相比,准确性很高。使用我们的应用程序,您可以采用整体方法对身体的六个主要功能系统进行全面的健康评估。

Song Park


LifeTracker Pulse Diagnostics – Simple and Affordable

Pulse Diagnostics is a great art that we inherited from the ancient sages. Even relatively recently, more than 20 years of training with a master was required. Today, not the very skill of pulse diagnostics, but its fruits become available to almost everyone who is interested in managing and maintaining their own health. More than 30 years ago, together with my partners, I invented computerized pulse diagnostics (US Patent 1995), which made it possible to “see” the pulse and analyze it using the achievements of science and technology. Then there was a period of close cooperation with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences based on the development of diagnostic methods based on this invention.

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Why Lifetracker?


State-of-art technology

A unique technology developed by us. Pending patents and 30 years of research experience make us the only team that can make full use of this technology.


We place the highest emphasis on diagnostic accuracy and ease of use. We are constantly developing new schemes of interaction between humans and our technology.

Future proof

Our plans go far beyond the mobile app and sensor. We want this technology to spread and help people become happier by addressing their health issues.


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