Mobile app to scan health status in a minute with a wearable sensor. 

The accuracy of checkups is more than 85%. It implements a state-of-art pulse diagnosis technology and the oriental medicine holistic approach. 

Pulse analysis technology

LifeTracker — Shazam for health assessment. It finds patterns of different diseases and can forecast the health status in the future. It took 30 years for our research team to develop this technology. The method is proven by scientific researches and patented. The accuracy is very high, comparing to other non-invasive diagnostic methods. With our app, you receive a comprehensive health assessment of the six major functional systems of the body in a holistic approach.

LifeTracker app holistic approach to health

Pulse analisys depth levels

UI and UX

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LifeTracker Pulse Diagnostics – Simple and Affordable

Pulse Diagnostics is a great art that we inherited from the ancient sages. Even relatively recently, more than 20 years of training with a master was required. Today, not the very skill of pulse diagnostics, but its fruits become available to almost everyone who is interested in managing and maintaining their own health. More than 30 years ago, together with my partners, I invented computerized pulse diagnostics (US Patent 1995), which made it possible to “see” the pulse and analyze it using the achievements of science and technology. Then there was a period of close cooperation with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences based on the development of diagnostic methods based on this invention.

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The new spectral / phase detection technology delivers 10x more data and accuracy than current pulse analysis technologies.


One simple health score and condition of six functional systems. 


The Lifetracker is the fastest mobile heart rate analyzer on the market today. Pulse recording time, sufficient for analysis – from 20 to 40 seconds.


Machine learning algorithms are constantly improving the accuracy of measuring your body. Each new record increases the accuracy of the individual diagnosis.


Correlations between similar measurements and trends in cloud services are taken into account in the issuance of recommendations and enable users to have a common “health base”


The technology allows analyzing the pulse received from different sources. Now the company is developing contactless heart rate monitoring devices.

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Maintaining health requires constant attention and available feedback. Most modern methods of Western medicine reveal diseases at the stage of significant physiological and organic changes. Given the multiplicity of diagnostic procedures used to identify an individual disease, as well as the list of 12 thousand diseases officially adopted by WHO, early detection of diseases becomes almost impossible due to the high cost, time consuming and lack of highly qualified personnel…

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The story

In the early 2000s, at the department of Vladivostok State Medical University, a study of a diagnostic system based on pulse data (Pulse Analytical System) was carried out. The tests have shown the high information content of the method and the reliability of the results. The system has been used in more than 30 countries around the world and has been highly appreciated by specialists. 

With the development of smartphones, the idea came up to make the Pulse Analysis System affordable and easy to use, literally putting it in your pocket. We’ve created a wireless heart rate monitor and cloud-based mobile app – LifeTracker.

The project is developing

Today we have over 240 users from around the world. We create and publish wellness methods for daily regimen, nutrition, and breathing exercises. In parallel, we are looking for a HealthTech investor for the rapid development of the project. We constantly develop technology, opening new solutions for health apps and future services. One of our goals is to spread technology over different gadgets: watches, rings, bands, and other wearing devices. Developing the spectrum pulse analyses, we can go deeper into the forecast features and widen the variety of recognizable decrease patterns, as well as see the more precise connections between body health systems. More of it, we believe that we only made the first step in a long exciting journey to future medicine.  

Protected by Rissian Federation and US patents

RU patent №223,42,41 Goltsov V.V. and others
RU patent №228,60,84 Goltsov V.V., Fedotov S.P. and others
RU patent №235,42,89 V.V. Goltsov and others
US Patent №5,381,797

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Alex Fatkulin



Song Park


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Why Lifetracker?


State-of-art technology

A unique technology developed by us. Patents and 30 years of research experience make us the only team that can make full use of this technology.


We place the highest emphasis on diagnostic accuracy and ease of use. We are constantly developing new schemes of interaction between humans and our technology.

Future proof

Our plans go far beyond the mobile app and sensor. We want this technology to spread and help people become happier by addressing their health issues.


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