Pulse Analysis System

Pulse Analysis System – Computer aided Traditional Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis

Traditional Pulse Diagnosis

Traditional Oriental medicine uses variety of methods to determine the person’s condition, one of the most advanced method is the Pulse diagnosis.

By hearing the pulse of person, the doctor determines the imbalance in condition, describing it in terms of Yin-Yang, Five elements and Qi movement. The treatment method selected according  to such description using Oriental medicine for harmonization of patient’s condition.

However, a few doctors have mastered such “art”. It takes years of practice to learn it and accuracy of this diagnosis still depends on doctor’s subjective evaluation.


Modern Pulse diagnosis

Attempts were made to objectify the method of Pulse diagnosis. The pulse sensors were used instead of fingers and the pulses were recorded into computer, but it was impossible to teach diagnostics to computer.

The descriptions of pulses are too foggy and inconsistent, besides the considerable part of diagnostics is based on personal experience and sensual perception of the doctor.

Applying statistical methods for finding the correspondence between pulse description and recorded pulse wave didn’t lead to unambiguous results, because traditional pulse diagnosis is very subjective and depends on the practitioner experience.

The Pulse wave model

Pulse Analysis System (PAS) developers chose another way, they analyze a pulse wave signal and examine the Yin-Yang and the Five elements theory. It consequently lead to the development of the Theoretical pulse wave model, establishing a direct connection between distribution of Elements Qi and the pulse wave shape.

The PAS pulse wave analysis estimates the deformation vector, it describes a Qi deviation of given pulse wave.

The unique “Norm” for each pulse is evaluated, it based on a harmony distribution of Elements Qi. This parameter called the SING order.

The Pulse wave model and the SING order were laid in basis
of an automated system of Pulse diagnosis
PAS version 3.2-4.0

The set of deformation vectors evaluated from pulse waves forms the “Health matrix”, it displays the Positive (Excess 实) and
Negative (Lack 虚) deviations of Qi Energy in Elements and Channels (经络).

The HM is the complete description of a person’s current condition. Hexagrams and Wi-xing diagrams are plotted from the Health Matrix information.

PAS v4.0

We have more than 15 years of experience in pulse analysis

The effectiveness of Pulse analysis technology is proved by many practitioneers.