Lifetracker User Agreement

1. Terms and general ities

1.1. The agreement is a present document with all the additions, changes and binding documents specified in it, as well as the contract concluded on its basis.

1.2. Lifetracker is a company that studies people's lifestyle sway and its impact on their health, emotional and physical condition.

1.3. The user is an individual who accepts the terms of the Agreement, who is fully operational, has their own email address, mobile device and subscriber number, which is available to him.

1.4. The app is a computer-based computer program based on different platforms that allows the user to receive information support related to his lifestyle using the network.

1.5. The specialist is an individual who is an employee of Lifetracker.

1.6. Personal data is any information that relates to a straight individual (user).

1.7. The account is a personal section of the App that the user accesses after they have signed up and/or authorized in the App by entering a login and password. The account is designed to store the user's personal data, view and manage the App's available functionality and the appropriate terms of use of the App. The account is tied to the user's email.

1.8. Lifetracker User Data Unload is a technical transfer of user data with a certain frequency to a third party about heart rate and other processing parameters that the user has allowed to transfer to the Lifetracker app.

1.9. This Agreement is in accordance with h. 2 tbsp. 437 of the Russian Civil Code is a public offer, i.e. a certain proposal of Lifetracker to conclude a contract on the following basic terms with an unlimited number of users.

The user's consent (acceptance) to conclude a contract with Lifetracker on the proposed terms is supposed to be unconditional and complete, that is, the user fully accepts all the terms of the contract offered by Lifetracker, acting by his will and in his interest.

The user accepts Lifetracker's offer to enter into a contract on the terms of this Agreement at the time of registration in the App in the form of creating a personal Account in the App.

2. The subject of the agreement

2.1. Lifetracker is committed to providing the user with information services in the field of a healthy lifestyle, and the user undertakes to pay for such services on the terms and means offered by Lifetracker.

2.2. Lifetracker services include:

2.2.1. Giving the user access to Lifetracker and the ability to download and install the App;

2.3 None of Lifetracker's services is medical. Lifetracker does not provide medical diagnostic services, does not provide mandatory advice and recommendations, does not prescribe medicines or perform any medical activity to be licensed under Russian law.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. Lifetracker has the right to:

3.1.1. Develop, define, define and change the nature, content, methods and conditions of service delivery, as well as tariffs for services and how to pay for them;

3.1.2. Collect information about the user and their lifestyle, necessary for the full and conscientious delivery of services;

3.1.3. Involve third parties for professional advice in the provision of services, if necessary, as well as the use of intermediaries (agents, attorneys, commissioners and others) in the conclusion of corporate agreements with users, while remaining responsible to the user under the Agreement;

3.1.4. Make changes to the Agreement and approve additions to it. The current version of the Agreement is subject to mandatory publication on the website with the date of such a last publication;

3.1.5. Suspend or discontinue the service to the user if he violates the terms of the Agreement;

3.1.6. Lifetracker has the right to take action specified in paragraphs 3.1.1, 3.1.3, 3.1.4 without prior consent and notification of the user;

3.1.7. Use anonymized user data as you see fit and on terms enshrined in Lifetracker's privacy policy.

3.1.8. Introduce individual data that characterizes the status of the User, persons who are Lifetracker Customers, actually provided to the User (persons who have entered into a service agreement with Lifetracker in favor of a third party – the User)

3.2. Lifetracker undertakes:

3.2.1. Provide services in full and in good faith, explain and answer all user questions regarding the nature of the service;

3.2.2. Give the user access to services (the ability to create an Account in the App). The user's technical support for the use of the App and services is provided through instructions and answers to frequent questions, as well as direct communication with the user through messengers (Telegram, Whatsapp);

3.2.3. Start providing services to the user immediately after receipt of payment.

3.2.3. Comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data.

By accepting the terms of this Agreement, or using the Lifetracker app, the user also confirms that he consents to the processing of their personal data by Lifetracker and its services in accordance with the Federal Act of 27.07.2006 N 152-Fz (ed. 31.12.2017) "On Personal Data."

3.3. User:

3.3.1. He undertakes to inform Lifetracker immediately (within 3 days) of a negative change in his health if such a change, in his opinion, occurred as a result of the implementation of the Recommendations of the Specialists;

3.3.2. Requires you to take the necessary steps to analyze and evaluate his lifestyle (regularly measuring physical performance through the application, interacting with the Specialist, etc.), thereby enabling professionals to provide the best possible service;

3.3.3. The right to give access to your personal account to his trusted person (sports coach, doctor, or other person);

3.3.4. It is obligated to pay Lifetracker for lifetracker's services in a timely manner and in full under this Agreement;

3.3.5. Lifetracker has the right to require Lifetracker to properly comply with the services provided by this Agreement, and in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement, to terminate the contract on its own initiative;

3.3.6. You have the right to change your account settings, including login and password at your discretion;

3.3.7. The right to check the progress of the service under the Agreement, without interfering with the professional competence of the Professionals;

3.3.8. He undertakes to review the current version of lifetracker's Current Agreement and Privacy Policy from time to time;

3.3.9. It is committed to providing exceptionally legitimate, reliable and complete information about yourself and your lifestyle within the framework necessary to improve the quality of Lifetracker products.

4. Cost of services

4.1. The cost of Lifetracker's services is published in the relevant section on the website.

4.2. Subscription extensions are automatic if it is not suspended through Lifetracker support (mail or messengers).

4.3. The attempted write-off takes place 24 hours before the end of the paid period and continues until it expires. If you can't write off the funds, the subscription is suspended.

4.4. The minimum subscription period is one calendar month.

5. Subscription price and settlement order

5.1. Current prices for Lifetracker subscriptions are listed in the relevant section on the website. Lifetracker subscription services are paid for by transferring funds from the User's checking account to Lifetracker without first billing through payment systems, the list of which is in the relevant section on the website.

5.2. Lifetracker is not a medical or any other medical facility. Specialists of the company may or may not have higher medical education, scientific degrees and titles, medical licenses, certificates and certificates. The company's specialists are not obliged to comply with the moral and ethical principles of the doctor's behavior and are not administratively and criminally responsible for violation of professional ethics and official instructions.

5.3 Lifetracker's lack of technical ability to monitor or enforce the items of this Agreement on the client's side does not mean abandoning it. In the event of a user's software failure, internet disruption, equipment during the user's service, Lifetracker is not responsible and the service is considered to have been performed. The user in this case is not entitled to ask for any compensation.

5.4. Lifetracker provides only technical data collection and transmission and is not responsible for the content, results and conclusions made from these discharges, as well as treatment based on the data synthesized by the application.

5.5 If the user has any special circumstances that require a separate approach and consideration, Lifetracker strongly recommends that you personally contact questions through the contact form on the site.

6. Information Agreement

6.1 This item of the User Agreement regulates the relationship between the User and Lifetracker in terms of the User's receipt of the Service's newsletter and determines the order and conditions for receiving the Service's newsletter.

6.2 By agreeing to receive the newsletter, the User agrees to the following terms:

6.2.1. The user undertakes to take appropriate measures to ensure that their email address is safe when filling out the subscription form requested by Lifetracker.

6.2.2. The user is fully responsible for any actions committed by him or third parties to whom he has provided information with an email address, including the use of someone else's email address to register, as well as any consequences that may have caused or caused such use.

6.2.3. Subscription to receive the newsletter, as well as receiving the newsletter itself is free.

6.2.4. Lifetracker reserves the right at its discretion to suspend, restrict or terminate the User's access to the informatione to which he is subscribed, at any time or for any reason or without explanation, with or without prior notice.

6.2.5. If the user decides to opt out of the newsletter on the site, he must send the letter through the contact form on the site, specifying in the subject line the letter "Refuse to send."

6.3 Lifetracker ensures that it will not use the email address specified by the User when registering on the website to send any information other than the one related to Lifetracker.

6.4 The user freely, by his will and in his own interests gives Lifetracker perpetual written consent to any way to process their personal data, including personal data about the user's well-being, behavior and environment.

7. Intellectual property

7.1 The use of the App is regulated and subject to the laws of the Russian Federation on the protection of copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and the use of other intellectual property.

7.2 None of the provisions of this Agreement may be considered as a licensing agreement to transfer exclusive rights belonging to Lifetracker to the user or others.

7.3 All information posted in the Lifetacker app and on the website (including text, graphic images, code, logo, name, design elements, design and general appearance of the App) are copyrighted by Lifetracker and their use without the copyright holder's written permission is prohibited.

8. Registration on the site

8.1 By registering as a user on the Site, the user consents to receive from Lifetracker mailings of an advertising and information nature to the email address specified at the registration.

The user is informed that if he wants to refuse the information mailing of the site, he will need to go to the link "Unsubscribe from the mailing" specified in the text of the messages sent on behalf of the Company.

By registering on the website, the User is also considered to be familiar with this Lifetracker User Agreement and authorizes Lifetracker to collect, store and process all personal data submitted to Lifetracker in order to perform the functions of the service for the user, inform about the news and other events of lifetracker service.

8. Final provisions

8.1 This Agreement takes effect from the moment it is accepted by the user in accordance with the n. 1.8. The agreement is valid until one of the parties refuses to implement it.

8.2 The user can opt out of the Agreement at any time by deleting their account or refusing to prepay services.

8.3 All the issues that have not been resolved by this Agreement will be resolved by negotiation. If agreement on an issue is not reached, the dispute is referred to the court at the defendant's location.