Pulse Analysis Technology

Pulse Analysis Technology – foundation

Research of Human pulse wave spectrum

Human Pulse wave spectral analysis

Advanced signal filtration allows us to extract valuable health condition data from human pulse wave.  Special type of spectral analysis makes it possible to find so-called original-frequencies that are represents the internal cyclic processes in human body.

This technology applies not only to pulse wave, but to many other types of signal like audial signal – voice recognition, diagnostics, video signal – image evaluation, any other types of signals (Radiofrequency, IR)

Pulse wave Spectrum pulse wave model


Digitization of TCM (Vector-Wave analogy)

Theory that bridges Modern Data Mining technologies and thousand years TCM practice, was developed. Theoretical pulse wave model connects original-frequencies in human pulse with principal TCM parameters the Elements and Yin-Yang. Theory proved by more than 15 years of practice.

Spectrum TCM Wu-Xing, Yin-Yang


Pulse analysis based products

Pulse Analysis System – PC application for comprehensive TCM pulse diagnosis.

LifeTracker – Lite version of TCM pulse analysis in mobile app.


AI, DeepLearning and Bigdata, State space.

Spectral analysis data is ideal input for BigData analysis. For example modeling the “State space” for Pulse Analysis data, allows creating a map, which definitely describes each “State” (Pulse) of person, marks the disease clusters and shows/forecasts person condition trajectory.

In addition, this technology in Artificial Intelligence systems applied to pulse analysis makes it calculations Human-Friendly e.g. when persons likely to catch cold it warns him or her about, or it advices you what food is better for you and what time it is proper to eat (based person pulse analysis data).